International Bancassurance Forum

Bancaseguros 2014

Madrid, 5 june 2014

Bancassurance is a phenomenon in Spain that for more than 3 decades has developed a great track record, particularly in life insurance, but also lately with an increasing interest in non-life insurance.

Some debates have recently emerged around compliance with good practices, as well as around whether it is a real strategy or pattern, or just another distribution channel.

Bancassurance operates in our country and in many other countries, even in different continents, so it is not a business model exclusive to our market. In Spain it will continue to exist for a long time, and bearing in mind the situation of other banking businesses, we must start conducting analysis to guide things so that they suit democratic countries where governance regulation applies.

The agenda is focused on analysing what have been the keys to success and the global and local strategies that have defined different companies in different markets, in the area of customer relationships, training and skills development for the sales teams, integration of information systems and after-sales service.

How all actors involved have applied governance criteria in the insurance distribution as best practice to achieve sustainable results will be addressed in detail during the event. To that end we will be discussing legal and technical aspects related to distribution guidelines, MIFID, PRED´s, rights of consumers of insurance and financial services, data protection, etc.

The event is targeted at bank and company executives, bancassurance operators, brokers and other professionals from the insurance sector.

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